New from Minuteman International: The ERide21DQP Compact riding automatic scrubber

04 January 2021

The E Ride 21 is a compact riding scrubber with a cleaning path. It is a cost effective solution to large scrubbing needs. The ergonomic design of the steering wheel features an integrated dash-board and controls. The dash-board features a one-touch button that simultaneously starts both the brush and vacuum. The TURBO button allows maximum flow rate and chemical solution for 30 seconds. The steering column is protected by a durable plastic casing and supports the universal steering wheel. This compact rider scrubber offers dual side entry and provides the operator a 180 degree view. The E Ride 21 is capable of turning 360 degrees on its own axis for exceptional maneuverability and the two caster wheels ensure proper squeegee alignment. The brush head utilizes Minuteman Injection Technology which allows perfect distribution of solution to the cleaning path which minimizes consumption. Contact us for more information.



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